If you fall I will catch you

My life is filled with music almost always. If not actually playing there is constant music in my head. I sing, a lot. To myself when doing chores, making up songs about what I am doing or just to be silly, and I sing to Kat often. I know I am not alone, in that there are certain songs that can take me back to certain times in my life. Often these are moments that seem somewhat insignificant I suppose. One that springs to mind is a Venus Hum song, The Bells that I heard on my way to work one day while my grandfather was in the last stages of fighting cancer years ago. Insignificant drive to work, and my grandfather did not pass immediately following this drive, but some how that morning on the way to work I was really thinking of him and reflecting on his life, this song came on and struck me and that moment is forever etched in my mind and tied to that song.

The other day I had another moment like this. I was playing with Kat with music playing in the background as is almost always the case and singing to her whatever happened to be playing. She is trying to stand a lot these days and grasps my fingers with her little hands, balancing herself, clasping and then every so often letting go to try it out on her own, squealing with delight and then grasping again if she starts to lose her footing. She is getting pretty darn steady I have to say! So, we were doing our little dance, Kat finding her own and me there as her back up, and a cover of TIme After Time by Cindy Lauper came on. Of course I am singing along and there it was, one of those moments. We have done this little game a million times and that certainly won’t be the last, but singing those words to her, staring in her eyes, knowing she trusts me to not let her fall felt powerful. May seem cliché, but I sang those words and meant them earnestly and saying a silent prayer that she will always know that if she falls I will catch her, I will be waiting, time after time…. ❤






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  1. In our letter to Kat’s birthmother, I said I couldn’t wait for you to sing to our little one. It’s moments like this that I couldn’t wait for. I’m so happy that the wait is over and I get to witness how truly amazing you are as a mom. Thank you for that.

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