You can’t have rainbows without rain <3

So, it has been a really crazy weekend filled with a lot of activity and a lot of emotions. Thursday I worked a 12 hr shift, came home and started in to our usual evening routine, only Scott isn’t feeling too well. By 11 pm we are headed to the ER as he is vomiting and can’t stop. So, I sat and held Kat until we were sent home at 430 am. LONG night. Friday he stayed home and we both tried to recuperate. Kat had her routine slightly disrupted because she does sleep through the night, but she was all in all pretty happy sleeping on me 🙂 Myself and Scott on the other hand….well he was still trying to get over his stomach virus and I was just trying to recover from no sleep. In the midst of Thursday evening, I was texting with Ima to find out that a MUCH anticipated trip was not going to happen after all. She was to come down and go to the beach with us at the end of this month. She has started a new job however (which I am SUPER happy for her) and feels that really this is just not a good time for her to travel. She has a lot of things she wants and needs to accomplish here soon and it completely makes sense for her not to travel and miss work and I completely support her decision and understand. Admittedly, selfishly though I am so so sad she won’t be coming. We were both in tears talking about it. We are already making plans for an alternate trip in its place but we had both day dreamed of our time together and what all we could do and so on, and just kind of burst my bubble. I will get over it, but it made me sad for all of us. As I said though, we will have another visit happen soon! Unfortunately Scott has no more time off this year so we can’t go to her until after the first of the year. So….those were the down points.

On the up side, Saturday we went to Scott’s cousins, daughter’s birthday party. (did you follow that?) Any way, it was the first time that his uncles and his grandfather would get to meet Kat! Every one was SO excited to meet her. That could not make me happier. I actually felt bad for the little girl whose birthday it was as so much attention was on Kat. They had gifts for her and took a million pictures, just so happy to meet her and celebrate her! Honestly makes me happier than you know. Saturday was also Kat’s big brother’s birthday. That night, we got to Skype with Ima, Kat’s brother and Kat’s uncle!! What a fantastic way to end the day! I love them SO much and I love us being a family. Hate the distance but love that we all try to make it work. I don’t know how much Kat can tell via Skype, but I know her brother was super happy to see her and all of us. I was SO SO happy to see all of them. They did it on the phone out at a birthday dinner so it could be like we were there 🙂 ❤

I am constantly amazed at how awesome open adoption can be. For all the people who question and don’t get it, I understand I guess, but I honestly can’t imagine this any other way. It truly feels so natural to me. I know some people think we are crazy, but long before I was involved with open adoption, people thought that of me for other reasons any way! lol

So, a few downs, but Scott is on the mend, and although the trip we had intended isn’t going to happen when we wanted, another trip will happen! Frankly I am glad that we were both so sad about not seeing each other, if that makes sense. It was a weekend that while there were a few bumps, was filled with my family from many angles, and the love that exists in it, and it made me very very happy 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤


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