Our story…

So, if you are following me from my previous blog you know the background. If not, I will give you the quick version and if you care to read more you can always check out the old blog insearchofbabyriggan.wordpress.com. The story is, my husband and I have grown our family through open adoption. We were chosen by an expectant mother November of 2010 and she was due March 2011. She delivered in February 2011, and after three days decided not to place. We started hearing from her again shortly after we got back home and long story short, five weeks later were back in her home state in court where she did place with us. So cut to now, we are the proud parents of an amazing little girl and are over the moon. As my previous blog was about the journey to become parents and grow our family it seemed fitting to start a new blog where I can journal about the journey of parenthood and specifically in what I feel is the miracle of open adoption. I have thought for some time about wrapping up my previous blog and decided I did enjoy being able to journal in this manner and now that we have settled in to our new life, it was time 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


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